Socio-Economics Study Rural Development

One of the leading agency for Social Development approached ICRB to study Socio-Economic  profile for 12 districts in Rajasthan .  Understanding Job opportunities and education levels  was one of the key parameters of the study.


The project involved understanding the Status of school level education, health conditions, the Earning sources and earning levels of villagers, Job opportunities and avenues, Social conditions of women and children in villages, Livelihood conditions and basic facilities in the Villages.

Key Features

Research instruments

Field Survey

Structured and unstructured technique was used to collect data from various sources. Various stakeholders Villagers, government officials, Industry Experts, Teachers were Interviewed. 


A qualitative research technique was used wherein researchers observed participants’ ongoing behavior in a natural situation. Community profiling, Road infrastructure, Housing Details, Land profile and Demographics were few of the any aspects covered

survey, opinion research, voting


Workshop was conducted to establish interaction between attendees in order to understand existing challenges and gaps in education, infrastructure, training and job opportunities. Intensive discussion/ brainstorming involving different role-play and solution design was conducted to come up with an effective solution design.

Research & Analysis

Based on demographics, 12 Districts in Rajasthan  including Alwar, Jaipur, Bikaner were selected. Households, Shops owners, Small factories and warehouse owners were interviewed to understand their manpower requirements and process they follow to hire workers.  The selection was based on infrastructure, availability of Drinking water, connectivity to the nearest city, health facilities, schools.

The role of Panchayati system was closely observed. This was done by interviewing government officials and the inititiatives that government had undertaken.  


The inputs provided By ICRB helped the agency implement several new projects and initiatives in the districts that aimed at improving the education and employment levels.

Several Skill-based Learning programs like mobile repair, computer repair, Typing and printing were introduced.