Better Research for
a Better Impact

Helping agencies Conceptualize, implement and monitor Projects

Focus Area

We’ve identified five of the most important challenges facing society, and we are dedicated to finding solutions that will contribute to a sustainable Growth


As a team of environmental researchers practicing in the local community, our strong network and outreach along with deep dive analysis enables clients to make evidence-based decisions.

Health & Nutrition

Our Innovative Approach pushes the boundaries of knowledge relevant to improving Clinical Practice, strengthening health systems, and enhancing population health.

Financial Inclusion

By systematically applying statistical and logical techniques to gather and analyze data, we assist our partners agencies in developing appropriate, affordable, and timely financial products and services.


Our science-based approach helps our partner agencies achieve sustainable, measurable improvements in learning outcomes and skills development.


Our Design interventions provide the underprivileged with the right knowledge and employable skills thus catalyzing growth


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Baseline Surveys

ICRB researchers conduct mix of qualitative and quantitative surveys to gather data to measure the situation at the beginning of the project that is essential to establish effectiveness of the intervention.

Capacity Building

ICRB expertise support the effectiveness of capacity building interventions to increase knowledge, skills, self-efficacy, changes in practice/policy, application and perceptions of system-level capacity.

Monitoring & Evaluation

ICRB's wide range of services include planning the intervention, Applying the M&E methodology, understanding reporting outcomes, and assessing impact and value

Communication Behavior

ICRB team has helped clients develop and manage large, complex social and behavior change programs. Build partnerships and Employ new social and behavior change technology and techniques.

Human Connection framework

Human connectivity is one of the critical components that affects individuals, communities, institutions, and organizations worldwide. The recent shift in our lifestyle is straining the human connection that has sustained us in the past. ICRB Human connection framework reinvents the types of connections we require and the ways in which they can best be established for succedful and effective impact.