Process Optimization Plantation

The project involved Mapping plantation process in Rubber and Palm Plantations in Africa and creating SOP of all the process for constant monitoring and optimising     organisations 3M (Machine, Manpower and Material)

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The key objective of the project was to understand the current efficacy and efficiency levels of various teams at the plantation site, Identify areas of improvement, Make recommendations, Implement key recommendations, Develop tools for monitoring and evaluation

Key Features

Research instruments
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Delphi Method

The study employed both formal and informal data collection methods. Among formal methods, structured, open-ended and semi-structured questionnaires were developed and administered 

Consultation Methods

Secondary market research, the broadest and most diffuse tool within the toolbox, was used as it included information that was reused within a market research context. Government reports, customer databases, and reports from past primary market research among others were used.

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Group and Team dynamics methods

Focus groups were conducted to understand attitude of target audience and to generate battery of attributes.

Research & Analysis

ICRB team was located at three different plantation sites. The team established an effective systems to measure and monitor the system. The team defined Service Quality Gap, Service Design Gap, Service Delivery Gap, Communication Gap and made recommendations


The process from raising the seeds in the nursery to grafting of the seeds was analyzed. Improvement opportunities were identified using ishikawa diagrams and gap analysis. Restructuring and standardization of processes were recommended that reduced the processing time and reduced fuel consumption.