Impact Assessment Environment

The project involved Examining and assessing people’s perceptions, opinions, behavior and awareness towards the environment. The survey also aimed at measuring the perceived impact of government policies, NGO, CSR activities and work undertaken by academic Institutes

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The project intended to critically examine and assess how people perceive the state of environment around them, awareness and opinions. focus areas included air and climate, energy, waste and water. health related problems, Climate change, Forests etc.

Key Features

Research instruments
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Field Survey

The study employed both formal and informal data collection methods. Among formal methods, structured, open-ended and semi-structured questionnaires were developed and administered 

Secondary Research

Secondary market research, the broadest and most diffuse tool within the toolbox, was used as it included information that was reused within a market research context. Government reports, customer databases, and reports from past primary market research among others were used.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups were conducted to understand attitude of target audience and to generate battery of attributes.

Research & Analysis

Statistical analysis technique was performed to quantify the data and apply statistical analysis. Descriptive analysis was performed on data collected. The technique was used to describe the demographic segment’s perception.


Technique like content analysis was used to analyze qualitative data. It was primarily used to analyze information documented in the form of texts, media, or even physical items.



This report discussed the growth in term of population, economy, employment and impact it has on the environment. It also discuses, the possible factors that lead to pressure on the resources in terms of water, energy and land. 

The recommendations and analysis were used to  channelize efforts to develop specific focus area and to optimize the policies and increase public awareness towards them.